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Diseño de una Metodología para La Evaluación de la Sostenibilidad de Planes de Remediación de Suelos  Remedisost logo

El proyecto REMEDISOST pretende desarrollar una metodología rigurosa, fiable y robusta que consiga realizar un análisis y evaluación de la sostenibilidad de los distintos planes de remediación de suelos contaminados que, desde el punto de vista técnico, permitan recuperar un suelo desde una situación inicial de contaminación hasta una situación final acorde con el uso que se pretende dar al suelo.

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BROWNFIELD Decontamination In Southern Europe Brodise 

BRODISE project wants to mobilize public and private purchasers and networks of cities in the field of soil decontamination, not (just) to networking and to create awareness, but to put the innovation process in action, to understand in-depth the technology state of the art and the innovation gap to be addressed  by significant R&D, to structure and design a joint R&D procurement initiative, leveraging the complementarity of the consortium partners to bring together the demand in order to create a critical mass to acquire cost effective  and  innovative  solutions,  whilst  creating new  jobs  and  opportunities  for  business  growth  in  Europe, with particular reference to SMEs.


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Economics of climate change adaptation in Europe Econadapt

The aim of the ECONADAPT project is to provide user-orientated methodologies and evidence relating to economic appraisal criteria to inform the choice of adaptation actions using analysis that incorporates cross-scale governance under conditions of uncertainty. A critical theme of the proposal is therefore to support the application of adaptation economics in the period following the publication of the EU’s 2013 Adaptation Strategy, focusing on key decision areas that need enhanced economic information, and on the key users of such information.

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