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Inmaculada Batalla

Inmaculada Batalla

  • Kargua:
    Postdoctoral Researcher
  • Ikerketa-lerro nagusia:
    farming systems,agrifood systems, GHGs, multicriteria, agri- food policy
  • BC3 Research Line:
    3. Research Line Terrestrial Ecosystems
  • Harremanetarako xehetasunak:
    E-posta: inmaculada.batalla@bc3research.org
    Telefonoa: +34944014690 (ext. 182)
  • Scopus Author ID: 56656623600
  • Download CV:  CV Inma Batalla-December 2021 

Short CV

Inma Batalla is a postdoc at BC3. She holds a PhD in Sustainability of Livestock Systems at Universidad del País Vasco, a MsC in Rural Development (Agricultural economics and rural sociology) at the University of Córdoba and a BCs in Agricultural Engineering at the University of Extremadura.
She has experience in the sustainability assessment of farming systems with a multicriteria perspective. Wide experience in holistic analysis of farming systems using economic, social and environmental indicators to give a better comprehension of the situation of primary sector towards its viability in the long term. She has worked with special emphasis in climate change impacts of livestock through a Life Cycle Assessment approach to use them as start point to draw mitigation and adaptation strategies.

She has collaborated in some research projects related to sustainability assessment, in one of them, she got a PhD fellowship from the National Institute for Agricultural Research (INIA) to develop her PhD in Neiker Tecnalia.
Nowadays she is participating with BC3 in KONTRAE (Emergency and dissemination of resistance to antibiotics: links between human health, livestock, food and the environment) and RTA 2015-00058-C06 (Manure management in dairy cattle systems in Northern Spain: efficiency in nutrient use, GHS mitigations and reduction of carbon foortprint )

She is member of RED REMEDIA-Spanish Network for Mitigation of Greenhouse Gases Emissions from the Spanish Agroforestry Sector

She is really interested on exploring the interactions amount different indicators and its implications in different contexts to enhance sustainable agriculture practices able to empower rural areas and agriculture communities as a start point of a just transiton in agrifood systems.

Journal Articles

  • 2022
  • Jebari, A., Álvaro-Fuentes, J., Pardo, G., Batalla, I., Martín, J.A.R., Del Prado, A. 2022. Effect of dairy cattle production systems on sustaining soil organic carbon storage in grasslands of northern Spain. Regional Environmental Change. 22. (2) DOI (10.1007/s10113-022-01927-x).
  • 2020
  • Del Prado, A., Galán, E., Batalla, I., Pardo, G. 2020. Impacts and adaptations to climate change in ruminants. ITEA Informacion Tecnica Economica Agraria. 116. (5) 461-482-482. DOI (10.12706/itea.2020.038).
  • 2019
  • Gutiérrez-Peña, R., Mena, Y., Batalla, I., Mancilla-Leytón, J.M. 2019. Carbon footprint of dairy goat production systems: A comparison of three contrasting grazing levels in the Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park (Southern Spain). Journal of Environmental Management. 232. 993-998-998. DOI (10.1016/j.jenvman.2018.12.005).

Affiliation previous to BC3

Batalla, I., Knudsen, M. T., Mogensen, L., Hierro, Ó. d., Pinto, M., & Hermansen, J. E. (2015). Carbon footprint of milk from sheep farming systems in Northern Spain including soil carbon sequestration in grasslands. Journal of Cleaner Production, 104(0), 121-129.

Affiliation previous to BC3

Mena, Y.; Gutiérrez-Peña, R.; Pérez-Neira, D.; Damián, M.; Batalla, I; del Hierro, O. (2014) Impacto de la ganadería ecológica sobre el medio ambiente y su papel en el mantenimiento de la biodiversidad. Junta de Andalucía

Other Publications

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