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Transparency and Sustainability

The “BC3 Basque Centre for Climate Change – Klima Aldaketa Ikergai” is responsible for building and sustaining the public trust through the transparency of our processes and the accountability of our organization.  BC3, as non profit association, wants to provide open and accessible information and data on our activities and operations.

We are committed to being sound stewards of public investments while responding to rapid changes in science and society. BC3 regularly examines its processes and procedures, reaffirming a core principle of continuous improvement. This website shows the main information concerning our strategy, finances, corporate governance and procurement.



The “BC3 Basque Centre for Climate Change – Klima Aldaketa Ikergai” is a non profit association created in 2008 and registered at the Basque Government's Association Registry under id AS/B/14076/2008.

Download our pdf with our BC3 statutes.

Strategic objectives and functions:

BC3 is the research organisation promoted by the Basque Government and the University of the Basque Country to conduct research on climate change. BC3's main goal is to foster the creation of knowledge in this multidisciplinary science, as well as to engage a highly-qualified team of researchers with the primary objective of achieving excellence in research, training and dissemination. Our activities are guided by four or five-year Strategic Plans.

BC3 (2023-2025) Strategic Plan´s main research objectives can be found here .

BC3 main research programmes can be found here.


Annual Reports

BC3's annual reports with information about the centre and its team, activities, funding sources and annual indicator can be found here.



BC3's General Assembly is the top managing committee of the Research Centre as established by its statutes and it is formed by its associate members (described below). The second managing committee responsible for its administration is the Steering Committee whose current members are:


   Represented by, Mr. Adolfo Morais as President of the Association and Mr. Fernando Cossio as member of the Steering Committee.


   Represented by: Mr. Guillermo Quindós as Secretary and Treasurer and Mrs. Inmaculada Arostegui as member of the Steering Committee.


  Represented by Mr. Alberto Fernandez as Deputy President of the Association.

Information on Governance  and its organization chart is also given here.

Remuneration, compensation for withdrawal, compatibility resolutions and assets&activities declaration:

BC3 doesn't remunerate its associate members as indicated in the article 18 of its Statutes.

The Associate members are represented by persons with public service positions and the regulation associated to their responsibilities, remuneration and other obligations within the public institution can be found in the following links: Remuneration, Compensation for withdrawal, compatibility resolutions and assets&activities declaration.



Download our 2023 Financial Statements and Auditor's Report: 2023

You can also check our previous Financial Statements and Auditor Reports: 2022| 2021| 2020| 2019| 2018| 2017| 2016| 2015| 2014| 2013| 2012|

Budget: 2024. Previous years' budget can be found at the financial statements.

Real state assets: not applicable

Agreements: 2023| 2022| 2021| 2020| 2019| 2018| 2017| 2016| 2015 

Grants, Subsidies and other income per year: 2023| 2022| 2021| 2020| 2019| 2018| 2017| 2016| 2015



BC3 follows the national and regional laws concerning public procurement and has complementary set a public Procurement Policy to ensure accountable procurement processes. You can also visit our Contractor Profile in you wish further information about present and past contracts.



Service quality information: not applicable.



BC3 engaged in 2017 with a Gender Action Plan (GAP) for the period 2017−2020. The GAP’s main objective was to achieve a gender-balanced structure, which is to be reached by the end of the 2020. For this purpose, the GAP set a number of actions that have been managed by the Operation Manager with the support of the Gender Balance Team and under the supervision of the Management Committee. As a result of this work, a 2017-2020 Gender Action Plan was produced.

Beyond 2020 and for the next four years, BC3 maintained its commitment to Equality in the spirit of establishing this research centre, as an international benchmark, not just in scientific terms, but also in people management (along with the Human Resources strategy).
In 2019 BC3 established an Equality Committee (EC) that began an internal analysis and reflection process for the next Equality Action Plan. The EC structured the work in two stages: an initial diagnosis of the situation, which consisted of the analysis of key documents, the organization of working sessions, and the elaboration of a survey to all the staff; and a second stage, with the elaboration of the 2020-2023 Gender Equality Plan .
The Plan focuses on 4 strategic objectives, sorted by priority:
  1 - Guaranteeing safety in potential cases of sexual harassment and violence;
  2 - Mainstreaming the gender perspective in BC3's organizational culture;
  3 - Promoting a career development policy that tackles equality between women and men;
  4 - Adding gender and equality principles to BC3's research.
The EC meets periodically with the aim of setting up a monitoring and assessment system to gauge the extent to which the indicators set in place are met. 
In 2022, BC3 adapted the existing plan to the new legal requirements of Royal Decree 6/2019, on the 1st of March, Royal Decree 901/2020 on the 13th of October and Royal Decree 902/2020 on the 13th of October. 2020-2023 Gender Equality Plan_adapted  

BC3’s 2020-2023 Equality Plan was extended in December 2023, until the approval of the 2024-2027 Equality Plan. Link to the statement
Protocol to fight and prevent sexual and gender-based harassment.

In order to build a safe, healthy and harassment-free work environment, during 2020BC3 has conducted a participative process to raise sensitivity to and awareness about, as well as to prevent, sexual harassment, gender-based harassment, or harassment based on gender identity or sexual orientation, furthering BC3´s corporate culture in the principles of security, dignity and equality, and in valuing the diversity of all the individuals comprising the organization. As a result of this participatory process, the prevention and action Protocol against sexual harassment, gender-based harassment or harassment based on gender identity or sexual orientation has been developed. This protocol presents a procedure aimed, on the one hand, at the protection of the persons being harassed; on the other, at supporting the strengthening of the responses and strategies that are put in place to deal with harassment; and, above all, at the prevention of this type of behavior.

Related Document:  Harassment protocol

BC3 also developed a manifesto focusing in the following lines of action: 1. Eradicating Harassment and Violence and 2. Manifesting the Commitment to Equality at the workplace and in our everyday lives. With this document BC3 state the principles of this manifesto to be achieved in the overall period of 2020-2023 with the objective of building a fairer and more equitable working environment within the centre, knowing that without gender justice and equality, overall social justice cannot be achieved.

Related Document: Equality manifesto BC3



BC3 as non profit foundation, wants to provide open and accessible information and data on our activities and operations. If you need any additional information, please contact us at administration@bc3research.org.



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