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In BC3, we work to provide scientific knowledge that enables us to face the challenges posed to our planet by climate change.

We believe that those of us in science and the scientific community have the duty to provide the results of our research to better manage the impacts that human activities have on areas such as natural environment, energy and health. Research and the scientific cooperation networks in which we take part allow us to act as generators and disseminators of knowledge and to provide it to society and its public institutions.

The evidence on the effect that climate change has on the sustainability of the planet as we know it has pushed governments from all over the world to take policy, economic and social measures, designed to prevent and revert the damages suffered and to put protection and recuperation actions in place. For all this, other key aspect of our work is to contribute, from the scientific standpoint, to enrich these policies and to enable their implementation within a policy framework that is coherent with the protection of the planet.

The expert knowledge fields in which our specialists are currently engaged are related to four main lines of research


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