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Cross Cutting Themes

Policy and governance issues were addressed within the respective SOs during the last SP 2018-2021, with very limited cross-cutting work. They will be key levers to be considered in the SO6 future activities, as well as in some of the work within the SOs 1-5. While two new cross-cutting thematic lines will be promoted instead: 1) Participatory and deliberative tools and methodologies for citizens and other actors’ engagement (led by a specific Taskforce) and, 2) Improving communication methods and tools of complex knowledge to society with the ultimate aim of accelerating changes in behaviour and action (led by a specific Taskforce). There are activities that started in 2021 and that will reinforce the CCTs such as: Research on Citizen´s assemblies by supporting real cases and engaging on the KNOCA platform; the emerging Colab to work on uncertainty dialogues; and the increased work in de SO2, 3 and 4 on participatory research cases through ongoing projects.

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