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Research Lines

The organization of BC3 Research Lines and Groups, responds to the Overall objectives, which aims to fulfill its missions and the challenges and demands that addressing climate change requires in a post-Paris period.

While the BC3 2014-2017 strategic framework, included four main research lines (Low Carbon; Climate and Natural Environment; Health and Climate; and Climate Policy), the BC3’s 2022-2025 strategic plan (SP 2022-2025). 


Research Line Climate Basis

Coordinated by S.H. Faria (Ikerbasque Professor).

Research Line Low Carbon

Coordinated by I. Arto (BC3 Professor).
Mikel González-Eguino
Iñaki Arto

Research Line Terrestrial Ecosystems

Coordinated by M.J. Sanz (Ikerbasque Professor).

Research Line Adaptation Lab

Coordinated by M. Neumann (Ikerbasque Professor).

Research Line Integrated modelling of coupled human-natural systems

Coordinated by F. Villa (Ikerbasque Professor).


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