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Science for Policy

The role of science in shaping climate policies, building capabilities and raising awareness has become increasingly important, since climate change is at the top of political agendas. BC3 is firmly committed to value creation through knowledge transfer programmes. Thus, BC3 organizes events and activities, which enable it to reach and attract all the sectors of society, making the science produced at the institution available to the broader public. This way, BC3 raises awareness on specific subjects and scientific advancements among stakeholders who will eventually play an important role in policy making, by demanding policy-makers reshape their policy agendas or plan concrete actions.

  • Supporting Policy Making through methodologies and tools: BC3 develops a range of methodology and tools to contribute to the informed decision making based on science and already provided support to local, national and international Intitutions.

  • Supporting Policy making with information series: BC3 Policy Briefings (documents and videos). The BC3 policy briefings are a series of documents produced by the researchers that provide policy recommendations based on the expertise of the knowledge body of the centre and the results from research carried out.

  • Supporting Policy Making and Science Community through Training and Capacity Building initiatives (BC3 Spring University, BC3 Summer School, Klimagune Workshop and other expert Workshops).

  • Supporting or promotingnetworks (REMEDIA network, INCCCET and NUT-GIGAKU).

  • Other Policy relevant contributions for policy making - BC3´s active role at COPs: One of our relevant contributions to the EU policy making process is taking part in the UNFCCC Side Events. These were established as a platform for observer organizations to highlight diverse climate change issues at UNFCCC conferences, and are a vital component of the UNFCCC sessions, as they provide opportunities for information dissemination, capacity building, policy discussions and a way to legitimize global governance.

BC3 is recognized by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) as a Non-Governmental Organization and we have contributed to several side events at the Conferences of the Parties jointly with other leading Climate Change scientific and policy institutions. BC3 has been playing an active role in these COPS.


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